Self Tape Testimonials

"Awesome !!!!!!
Probably the most fun I've ever had

shooting an audition!!

Safe and professional environment!

Took me to LA to shoot my first feature."

-Vince Benvenuto "Daredevil"

"Every time I have a self tape I always go where I know I’ll feel as comfortable as possible. Studios 3C is the best self tape service. Gui is patient and is always willing to help you “get there”

-Paulina Cossio "Burn Notice"

​“Since working with Gui on my self tapes I've had multiple callbacks. Gui rocks!”

-Liana Montoro "Gotham"

"Let's be real, putting yourself on tape is actually the worse. What I love about 3C studios is they make it fun. Having an ACTUAL actor read and record makes a huge difference. Gui not only reads with you, but he also offers helpful and honest advice with each take. I have been to other taping studios but they are truly the best. I recommend them 100%"

-Vasthy Mompoint "SpongeBob Squarepants The Musical"

"I’ve done a few auditions with 3C studios and each time it’s been a uplifting experience. Gui is so invested in supporting the best possible footage to submit. His love for the craft motivates me to focus on the joy of being an actor and helps ease the anxiety that comes with auditioning. I leave confident in the work we created."

Ronald Boyd “Mystery at the Museum”

"It's the dream audition situation, relaxed and respectful. Gui and Christina are the best!"

-James Denzer "Six Degrees of Murder"

"3C studios is the best for self tapes. I was amazed by their professional set up. Gui and Christina provided a safe, creative environment so I can take risks in my work. Once I received my tape, it looked magnifico!!!! The lighting, the quality, and sound was on point. Also, fast turnover!"

-Jowin Batoon "Law and Order SVU"

"What I Love about taping with 3C studios is that Christina and Gui make you feel very welcomed and comfortable. It's the next best thing to taping in your own living room but you get a studio quality audition tape that looks and sounds great. An audition with 3C studios will get you in the running, the rest is up to you!"

- Brett Davenport "A Crime to Remember"

“Loved working with 3C Studios! Responsive, efficient, and quality work really helped me in a pinch. And they’re great people to be around.”

-Caleb Wells "Red Oaks"

“A professional and friendly environment which allows actors to focus on the craft. Gui and Christina are two amazing actors which are well versed in the business. Along with there patience, I was able to complete 3 self tapes without being rushed. Great place for actors who need self tape along with professional advise.”

-Hasnain Ali "A Good Dream"

“I’ve tried A LOT of self-taping studios, including my own living room... and nothing compares to the quality of 3C Studios. The awesome duo behind it all - Gui and Christina are great readers, they play with you, give you adjustments and make sure you all collaborate to have a great self-tape to submit to casting. I’ve ditched my living room and begging family to read with me. 3C Studios is right off the subway, convenient, fun, easy and that just means, all you have to focus on is your acting and bringing yourself to the lens.

They take care of everything else.”

Vanessa Bontea "The Foursome"

"Just a few quick stops out of midtown Manhattan, 3C studios offers top quality taping services and an instant turn around

that is so essential for auditions. Gui and Christina make the process fun and seamless, making the final product look and feel great.

I highly recommend 3C Studios!"

-Noam Ash "My Gay Roommate"

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